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Interim Principal (ADM 19-20 20)

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TitleInterim Principal
Posting IDADM 19-20 20

The School District of Lancaster is a leader in urban education in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Serving more than 11,000 students, our district is known for its rich diversity and highly professional faculty and staff. We are located in Lancaster, Pa., a flourishing small city that has become a regional hub of culture, arts, dining and history. SDoL is actively seeking candidates that add to the diversity of experience and talents of our team and support our mission to ensure that every child in our community receives an excellent education.


We have full-time and part-time opportunities available. 



  1. Administrative (Principal) Certificate.
  2. Three or more years of teaching experience.
  3. Demonstrated excellence in teaching practice (Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instructional Delivery, Professionalism).
  4. Adept at establishing an effective and respectful learning environment.
  5. Adept at using differentiated instructional strategies with experience in addressing the needs of diverse student populations such as: economically disadvantage, special needs and English language learners.
  6. Ability to work collaboratively with district leaders.
  7. Experience in working with culturally diverse students and staff.
  8. Experience with providing professional development, coaching and/or mentoring support to staff.
  9. Proficiency in using technology to communicate and manage records.
  10. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with all levels of District management, School Board, Federal/State/Local agencies, families and community.
  11. Demonstrated sensitivity to the needs of others.
  12. Strong written and oral communications skills using both formal and informal styles as appropriate.
  13. Interpersonal, problem-solving, and organizational skills to effectively facilitate training, and efficiently manage resources and budgets.
  14. Commitment to maintain confidentiality.
  15. Willingness to work a flexible schedule and extended daily after-school hours to provide support for students, staff and represent SDoL.
  16. Alternatives to the above that the School Board may find appropriate. 

REPORTS TO: Director of Schools


SUPERVISES: Staff members designated by the Superintendent and School Board


JOB GOAL: Establish positive school culture with high expectations for behavior, attendance, promotion/graduation and achievement through excellent teaching and personalized support for students that aligns with the goals and objectives of the School Improvement Plan; engages students in high-quality instruction; connects students with interests, future educational opportunities and careers; and increases the promotion/graduation rate and achievement; supervisingcertified and classified teachers and staff, within the framework of the State Education Code and district policy.



  1. Establish positive school culture with high expectations for behavior, attendance, promotion/graduation and achievement, which include the following: 

Instructional Leadership

  • Direct the planning for operation of instruction in all aspects;
  • Analyze and use data to develop and monitor a School Improvement Plan that addresses root-cause issues;
  • Collect and review teacher lesson plans and provide feedback to support the development of lesson plans based on district curriculum that align with the interests and needs of the students, including students with IEPs and English Language Learners;
  • Promote the integration of literacy and mathematics across the curriculum and the use of instructional technology in classrooms;
  • Direct collaboratively work of Coach(es) to plan and facilitate embedded professional development;
  • Provide on-going training and support new teachers in meeting expectations;  
  • Use the district O/S/E process to provide specific, meaningful and timely feedback to teachers that informs their practice; and
  • Use the district process to provide feedback to support staff that informs their practice

Organizational Leadership 

  • Maintain and carry out adopted policies of the Board and of the District administration;
  • Clearly communicate school and classroom expectations to staff and students;
  • Be visible, monitor student behavior and model effective responses in classrooms, hallways, cafeteria and other school environments, including school grounds before and after school;
  • Ensure that staff are visible, monitor student behavior and provide effective responses in classrooms, hallways, cafeteria and other school environments;
  • Support teachers in creating learning environments with high expectations for student achievement;
  • Support teachers in establishing rules and procedures to more effectively manage student behavior in classrooms, especially with new teachers;
  • Implement and monitor operations according to Board Policy and district and school expectations to ensure a safe, efficient and effective learning environment;
  • Provide for initiating investigations where and when needed;
  • Direct the development and administration of operating budget of school, allocating resources equitably and in alignment with the schools vision;
  • Monitor staff attendance and follow established guidelines; and
  • Visit classrooms with substitute teachers to ensure lesson plans, seating charts and resources are available and provide support, as needed.

Personal and Public Leadership

  • Serve as primary liaison person between the District, school and all stakeholders;
  • Establish a plan to improve student attendance and behavior;
  • Ensure that school staff use the Support Process to document concerns and interventions for individual students and complete paperwork for Judicial Reviews;
  • Ensure that clear communications of expectations are provided for parents;  
  • Ensure that personal contacts are made by a school staff member to inform parents of student progress, goals, opportunities, accomplishments and concerns, such as chronic attendance, tardiness, class cutting or behavior problems;  
  • Meet with parents/guardians to discuss specific discipline issues and consequences;
  • Develop a plan to address specific concerns with attendance, tardiness, class cuts and/or behavior;
  • Provide instructional school leadership;
  • Plans and routinely participates in professional development focused on improving instructional programs; and
  • Work collaboratively with community stakeholders to establish school culture.

    2. Meet with students to establish a positive school culture with high expectations for behavior, attendance, promotion/graduation and achievement, which includes the following:

  • Monitor student attendance, tardiness and class cuts and meet with students individually to address needs and concerns;
  • Monitor student behavior and meet with students individually to address needs and concerns;
  • Monitor student grades and meet with students individually and with parents/guardians to address needs and concerns;
  • Guide students to appropriate tutoring and test prep opportunities to help them prepare for mandated assessments and post-secondary placement tests; and
  • Provide positive recognition for all students through awards, incentives and assemblies.   


  1. Serve as the primary liaison person between the District, school, and all stakeholders.
  2. Provide for supervision of the overall maintenance of buildings, grounds and equipment.
  3. Provide for suitable leadership and opportunities in all aspects of extra-curricular activities.
  4. Provide for control of books, supplies, and equipment.
  5. Coordinate planning and programs that rely on District support services.
  6. Provide for end-of-year activities. 

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Full year. Salary to be established by the Board.


EVALUATION: Performance is evaluated in accordance with the Compensation and Performance Evaluation Plan for School and District Leaders.



Physical Demands:

            Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time

            Standing for limited periods of time

            Occasional bending, crouching, stooping, twisting, reaching and grasping

            Light lifting- up to 25 pounds        

            Repetitive movement of fingers and hands for keyboarding.


Sensory Abilities:

            Visual acuity to read correspondence and computer screens.

            Auditory acuity to be able to use telephones.

            Ability to speak clearly and distinctly.



            Ability to work as a member of a team.

            Must be courteous and able to deal effectively with people.

            Must be cooperative, congenial, and service oriented.

            Ability to work with limited supervision.

            Ability to be flexible.


Mental Demands:

            Ability to interpret detailed written and verbal communications.

            Ability to function in fast-paced and high-pressure work setting.



            Office setting

            School settings, including offices, classrooms, hallways, cafeteria and school grounds, as well as neighborhood/community

            Ability to travel to other locations for training and meetings




Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer SDoL Leadership Compensation Plan / Per Year
LocationTBD - District

Applications Accepted

Start Date09/27/2019
End Date12/31/2019